Who We Are

American Council of Engineering Companies of Connecticut (ACEC/CT) is the leading organization for the business and professional interests of consulting engineering firms in Connecticut.

ACEC/CT offers a variety of programs and services for those who contract with engineering firms to perform professional services, or for those who simply have a question about the different types of engineering services that are available today.

ACEC/CT is a member organization of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), representing over 55,000 engineering firms throughout the country. Click here to visit the ACEC web site.

2020-21 ACEC CT Board of Directors

Executive Committee Officers

Michael McCarthy

Scott Delesdernier
Michael Baker

Gordon Daring

Ted von Rosenvinge

Board Members

Past President
Robert Yirigian

National Director
Robert Yirigian

Alternate National Director
Kevin Hussain

AI Engineers

Jake Argiro

Marcy Miller

Steve Drechsler

Charlie Harlow
Fuss & O’Neill

1st Alternate Director
Tim Dupuis

CDM Smith Inc.

2nd Alternate Director
Mike Oliver

3rd Alternate Director
Tracy Kaplan
VN Engineers

ACEC-CT Committees and Chairs

Emerging Leaders-Ricky Mears and Rudi Francimore

PAC-Kevin Hussain

DEEP-Bill Murphy

Small Business Committee-Sofia Nirshberg

DOT-Jim Fuda

Membership-Paul Schmidt and Fraser Walsh

Program Committee-Mike Oliver

Government Affairs-Don Doeg

Past Presidents-Rob Yirigian

Scholarship Committee – Tim Dupuis

ACEC/CT offers its members a wide variety of coalitions and committees tailored to the special interests of its members. Below is a description of each. Please feel free to request that one or more people from your firm be assigned to these groups. In fact, active participation in ACEC/CT’s coalitions and committees will dramatically increase the return on your dues investment in ACEC/CT. If you don’t know which group would best serve you, let us know your interests and we will introduce you to the group that matches your interests.

ACEC/CT Board of Directors Sets policy for the organization and manages the association’s affairs.
Structural Engineers Coalition This coalition is established to pursue common interests of firms who practice structure engineering. The goal is to advance technical practice of structural engineers, through meetings, seminars, and educational programs and improve the professional, business, and administrative practices of engineering firms.
DCS Industry Advisory Council This coalition of design and construction industry association representatives meets with state Department of Administrative Services Division of Construction Services to discuss contract provisions and improve quality of public works projects.
DOT Liaison Committee Meets with state Department of Transportation to discuss contract provisions and improve quality.
Membership Committee Recruits new members into ACEC/CT, reviews membership services and develops new services for ACEC/CT members.
Program Committee Develops seminars and workshops for business and technical educational programs.