Joining ACEC/CT

  • Membership Eligibility
    Membership in ACEC/CT is open to all firms (corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, etc.) furnishing independent consulting engineering services. Firms must have an office in the state, have at least one principal licensed as a Professional Engineer by the State of Connecticut, practice under an organizational arrangement that does not involve a conflict of interest or that does not subordinate independent professional judgment, and agrees to abide by the ACEC Professional and Ethical Conduct Guidelines. Membership in the American Consulting Engineers Council is required to join ACEC/CT.
  • ACEC/CT Membership Application: Click here.
  • What ACEC/CT has done for its members lately: Click here.
  • ACEC/CT Membership Brochure: Click here.
  • ACEC/CT Membership Benefits
    Your membership in ACEC/CT and ACEC will enable your firm to tap into a variety of benefits. As a ACEC/CT member firm, you receive the following benefits:

    • ACEC National Membership Benefits. The American Council of Engineering Companies is dedicated to creating a business, economic and political environment that encourages quality design and enhances your bottom line. For example, ACEC business management information helps you work smarter; communications programs increase your firm’s business development opportunities; and aggressive government relations activity gives you a voice in matters that impact your firm daily. Now, ACEC also helps you control the cost of doing business with these valuable services:Overnight Shipping, Office Supply Discounts, Publications, Long Distance Telephone Discount, Software Discounts, Fax / Office Equipment Discount, Car Rental Savings, Debt Collecting, Business Protection, Economical Employee Benefits. Click here for value proposition summary. Click here for ACEC website.
    • Legislative and Regulatory News, an up-to-date summary of bills, laws and regulations, related to the engineering industry, being introduced, considered or recently passed, as well as a link to state and national legislative sites.
    • Coordination with other professional, client and technical organizations
    • ACEC/CT board, committee, and coalition listings and meetings calendar
    • Mechanical & structural forms to comply with the Connecticut State Building Code.
    • Standard engineering services contracts available for purchase
    • Career Day Presentation Topics and Materials available for Elementary Through University Level
    • Access to life, health, workers compensation and disability insurance programs – Click here
    • Cost-saving retirement program – Click here.
    • Professional and technical seminars and meetings
    • Technical coalitions for structural, mechanical/electrical and geotechnical engineers.
    • Outstanding referral service for owners to locate your firm
    • Excellent business practice guidelines and advice.
    • Up-to-date information about state public works and transportation project Requests for Qualifications
    • Liaison committees with the state DOT, DEEP and DCS.
    • Education of owners through the Connecticut QBS Council on selecting design professionals through qualifications rather than bidding
    • An extensive public relations program to inform owners, legislators and policy makers about the importance of consulting engineers in the health of Connecticut’s economy

    Getting Your Dues Quote
    Dues are calculated based upon the size of the firm, if the Connecticut location is a branch or the firm’s main office, and whether your firm has been a member of ACEC for the past three years. To estimate membership dues for your firm, contact Bob Gonyeau at