Membership in ACEC/CT is open to all firms (corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, etc.) furnishing independent consulting engineering services.

Firms must:

  • Have an office in the state
  • Have at least one principal licensed as a Professional Engineer by the State of Connecticut,
  • Practice under an organizational arrangement that does not involve a conflict of interest or that does not subordinate independent professional judgment,
  • Agree to abide by the ACEC Professional and Ethical Conduct Guidelines.

Membership in the American Consulting Engineers Council is required prior to joining ACEC/CT.

Joining ACEC/CT will provide your firm with many benefits, but do not take our word for it.

ACEC/CT provides the forum which enables me to meet regularly with my professional colleagues and exchange ideas on matter of mutual interest and concern. ACEC/CT is working for me. – Lois Roberts, P.E. – Lois Roberts & Associates, Westport Sole Proprietor

ACEC/CT speaks for our profession in ways that individual firms cannot. It is imperative that we, as professionals, project an image to our clients and the public that is credible through consistency and adherence to the highest principals. ACEC/CT is as good as we collectively make it. – Val Ericson, PE – President, The DiSalvo Ericson Group, Ridgefield, CT

The business of the profession requires that we maintain an edge on the competition and respond to changing market conditions. ACEC/CT gives us information that we might otherwise miss. Nowhere else can you get the business information you need in today’s market. ACEC/CT is always at the lead in keeping members ahead of thecompetition. – Rod Bascom, PE -Clough, Harbour & Associates, LLP

Still not convinced? Take a look and see what ACEC/CT has done for its members within the past two years.

Your membership in ACEC/CT and ACEC will enable your firm to tap into a variety of benefits, visit our Benefits page to learn more about the perks of being a member.

You can find the application to join ACEC/CT here.

Although the benefits are aplenty, each member firm is required to pay dues as part of the membership to ACEC/CT. Dues are calculated based upon the size of the firm, if the Connecticut location is a branch or the firm’s main office, and whether your firm has been a member of ACEC for the past three years.

Please fill out the electronic form to receive an estimate of membership dues for your firm.