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Advantages of Hiring an ACEC/CT Member Firm

As with any professional service, it is critical to the success of your project to have a highly qualified and experienced firm that upholds the values of its profession on your team. By contracting with an ACEC/CT Member Firm, you can be assured that you will benefit from working with professionals who are:

  • Licensed Professional Engineers dedicated to protecting public safety, health and property, and who have sworn to practice engineering following the State of Connecticut’s Code of Conduct for Engineers and Land Surveyors.
  • Committed to using fair business practices when working with their clients.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in providing engineering skills to your situation.
  • Organized to provide a full array of Quality Control Services for your project.
  • Interested in learning as a continuous process, as well as improving how the engineering profession serves the community. Individuals from ACEC/CT member firms attend various educational workshops throughout the year, develop educational programs for their peers, students and others, and contribute to the community through their volunteer efforts and monetary donations. In addition, ACEC/CT members stay apprised of economic and social trends as well as legislative and regulatory activity that relates to their profession and public health and safety.

ACEC/CT offers a variety of programs and services for those who contract with engineering firms to perform professional services, or for those who simply have a question about the different types of engineering services that are available today.

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